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MedisoftWelcome to Accumed Billing Services, Inc.MedENT

We bill using our Medisoft system, or can bill from your MedEnt system.

EHR is available through either system.

Our staff and systems are ICD 10 ready!

We are the medical billing team that has proven to practices that there is a billing company that really does do a consistently good job.  On average we have increased practice’s income by 20% and decreased their accounts receivable by 55%.

We are the medical billing team that has, shown practices that outsourcing billing is far more effective and profitable than handling in house.  By helping you reduce expenses and increase income, our service pays for itself.

We are the medical billing team that has, helped startup practices get their billing up and running without setup or investment in technology.

With AccuMed Billing Services you will watch your billing headaches go away, and your income go up!

Spend more time investing the increased income we help generate. Spend less time worrying about billing related headaches and accounts receivable problems.

Don’t take our word for it, read on, then call our office for references who can provide first hand experience of their success with AccuMed Billing Services.

We serve the entire state of PA!

Contact us at : 1(800) 290-2528